“Kyle is awesome! He brings a fun and fresh perspective to every project he tackles. He’s got mad writing skills and knows how to create hip, clever content. Working with him not only makes your writing stronger, but it makes you a stronger writer.”


Eli Wilhide – Transformation Coach & Peak Performance Strategist with the Tony Robbins Organization

“Kyle Waalen has used his writing skills to produce works of journalism, book reviews, business features, and advertising copy. His creative mind is multifaceted and innovative. He has a strong work ethic, he works well with team members, and he enjoys new writing challenges. His star
is rising.”

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Ph.D.  – Chairman, Dept. of Professional Writing, Taylor University

“Kyle Waalen has an easy, clear writing style that helps him glide between profiles to the arts to business – infusing the reader with info along the way.”

Patricia Tennison – Veteran Chicago Tribune Writer & Director of Paris Café Writing

“Kyle’s focused and energetic professionalism make him an excellent writer and editor. I served as Kyle’s editor on writing assignments for UrbanFaith.com and utilized his services as a proofreader and copy editor for other projects. In addition to being a solid wordsmith, he is also a reliable project manager who knows how to keep both himself and others on target to meet deadlines. What’s more, Kyle was a thoughtful colleague and a joy to work with. I highly recommend him.”
Ed Gilbreath – Award-Winning Journalist & Author

“Kyle’s enthusiastic and clever approach to writing makes him a valuable confidant when I’m missing that extra ‘oomph’ in my own writing. His knowledge and strong desire to help others are evident. I have the utmost respect for his tenacity and unfailing commitment to complete every project with finesse and skill. Personally and professionally, I trust his judgment wholeheartedly.” 

Michelle Go – English Instructor

“Kyle is a joy to work with. He is knowledgeable, insightful, and works diligently on any project he takes on. While editing my book, he gave me some great feedback and worked hard to retain my voice. If you have any editorial needs, you should keep Kyle at the top of your list of potential candidates to fill that need.”

John C. Richards, Jr.​, Esq. – Editor, Blogger & Author​

“Kyle line edited and proofread my manuscript, and I have not had a single reader mention finding ANY typos. He is thorough and nitpicky… exactly what you want when a product is going to press.”

Amanda Luedeke –  Literary Agent & Author

“Kyle Waalen is one of the most reliable and creative people I’ve worked with in publishing. Kyle brings a multifaceted skillset that makes huge contributions not only to the creation of content, but to the production aspects as well. His ability to write relevant and poignant content for a diverse audience, in a variety of multimedia platforms, and copyedit and edit content to adapt to new applications is a skill that meets today’s publishing needs. Kyle does not only contribute well to a team effort, but he can also be trusted to handle individual projects. He’s always on the top of my list for content development projects.”

Janet Grier – Director of Youth & Children’s Content Development, UMI
Urban Ministries, Inc.

“Kyle is a detail-oriented, focused and introspective individual. In working with him, I have been able to observe his thoroughness and diligence in his work. I am very impressed by his assertiveness in pursuing his passion for writing. He’s not afraid to try something new and is always looking for ways to improve his skills and expand his network!”

 Keri Gaul – Entrepreneur, Certified Nutrition Advisor & Sports Nutrition Specialist
The Ripple Effect, LLC

“With the editing expertise of Kyle Waalen, I have been able to successfully transition from traditionally published author to a self published author — and a happy one at that!”

Renee Fisher – #1 Best-Selling Amazon Author, Dream Coach & Speaker

“Kyle Waalen is an extremely detailed and thorough proofreader and editor. I had the privilege of working with Kyle on a book project and found him to be highly dedicated, organized, and timely. The book was a business start-up curriculum that we offer to our customers, and Kyle’s editing skills tremendously increased the value of our product. I highly recommend Kyle’s services!”

L. Brian Jenkins – Founder & President, StartingUp Now

“Kyle Waalen was an outstanding student in the Written Communication master’s program at National Louis University. He was published in our literary anthology, Mosaic, with writing that combined sharp observations and a sense of humor. Kyle has kept up with the fast-changing world of online publications and social media, while maintaining a sense of wanting to build a better world. If I were hiring writers or communication specialists, instead of directing the Written Communication program, I would hire Kyle in a minute.”


Dr. Joanne B. Koch, Ph.D. – Director, Master of Science in Written Communication Program, National Louis University

“No matter how precise the writing is, authors need an editor to do a final sweep over their books. The editor is the difference between good and great writing. Kyle Waalen is an editor who provides the finishing touches that make a difference.”

Rajdeep Paulus – Award-Winning Author of Swimming Through Clouds 

“I am familiar with several of Kyle’s writing projects and have personally consulted with him on fine-point wording and punctuation alternatives. Kyle’s vocabulary is erudite, and his wordsmithing is creative.”

Paul R. Daniels – Executive Committee Chairman, Investortools, Inc.
Investortools, Inc.

“Working with Kyle , the Digital Word Nerd, on a business project was a pleasure. Kyle is very knowledgeable in his field and knows how to put your thoughts into words. I highly recommend him and his work.”
Mike Gaul – Certified Personal Trainer & Business Owner 

Trinity Fitness

“I’ve absolutely enjoyed working with Kyle on my publications. Kyle’s work is always easy to recognize because it’s the easiest to edit. He writes with such clarity and attention to the project’s details. Kyle is also accessible and responds in a timely manner to communication, which makes working with him such a pleasure.
Muta M. Mwenya – Writer, Editor & Pastor